the ridiculosity we bloggers can justify

Taking pictures of fluffy pancakes?
it’s work related.
Ashton from Something Swanky wrote about the “look” she gets has when she tells people she blogs for a living.
Proving the existence of unicorns?
it’s work related.
Dressing a bird man statue up in glittery bows and flowers?
it’s work related.
(Bow: Crown and Glory. Photo: Xandra)
Three simultaneous photo shoots?
it’s work related.
(this particular photo by Xandra)

Gala Darling says I have what it takes to be a blogger. The ability to wait until I can photograph a cupcake properly before eating it.

- Blogcadet Xandra

Taking outfit photos in the snow with no coat on?
it’s work related.
(Xandra: http://fashionablylight.com)
Wearing as many pieces of sparkly headgear as are available?
it’s work related.
(Emma: http://gohemiantravellers.com)
Bouncing around under a bridge in the snow? 
it’s work related.
(Xandra: http://fashionablylight.com & Fanny: http://redheadwithheadphones.blogspot.ca)